Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No deal for Modano.

In a move that surprises some, doesn't surprise some, but pisses off many, The Dallas Stars have decided to not over Mike Modano a contract. The 20 Year Veteran of one NHL franchise, Modano is the franchise leader in games played (1,459), goals (557), assists (802), points (1,359), power-play goals (156), shorthanded goals (29), game-winning goals (92) and shots (4,194). He also had the highest plus-minus rating for one season when he was plus-43 in 1996-97. Last season at 41 he had 14 goals and 30 points in 59 games, which isn't terrible for a guy of his age.(stats courtesy of TSN.CA)

This comes as no surprise to many Stars fans, and most NHL fans in general, Modano is not getting any younger and as he nears the end of a great career one has to wonder if Mike just needs to retire. Guys like Modano and Chelios, they've been around the game forever, they've accomplished things in their careers a lot of guys will only be able to dream about, Stanley Cups, World Cups, etcc.. the list goes on and on, so why put yourself through the further grind and torture of an NHL season? Save yourself the headache and go out knowing that you are one of the few guys who is a true class act and stayed with one team your whole career. In my opinion that's the biggest accomplishment of all, there are very few guys in the game today who can say they were able to do that.

Modano survived the team moving from Minnesota, he survived the early years, he's truly one of the games classiest players. I hate to see to him go out like this, but for the sake of all your fans who can't stand to bear witness to you play for another team Mike, Please, PLEASE retire a Dallas Star.

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