Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deal? or no Deal? for Kaberle.

How would you feel to be Tomas Kaberle right now? seriously, how would you feel? You've been a mainstay workhorse on the back end for a team that is now publicly saying they are trying to deal you and trying to do so in a small window of time allowed by your "no movement clause" just because they can. How's that for gratitude for what you have done for the team over the years?

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs seem to have come to terms with the realization that dealing Kaberle is the best and fastest way to make their team get better, he's a big asset to most teams out there and they think they can get top 6 talent for him. I for one think that's a pretty steep price for a guy who defensively leaves a little to be desired. Kaberle was a -16 last season, okay fine he put up 49 points in 81 games, but, -16? That was the worst plus minus in Toronto, hell even Dion "no defense allowed" Phanuef was a +1 on the year, and that's saying something.

Now the latest rumors are that there are currently five (5) offers tabled for Kaberle's services however that all 5 don't really appeal to Leafs Gm Brian Burke, one rumor floating around was Kaberle to Boston for Savard, which my esteemed colleague Greg blogged would be a dumb trade on Bruins behalf even moving Savard period doesn't make any sense. I think at this point the Leafs fans have to begin to wonder if they will ever see that "amazing" deal that Burke thinks he's gonna get for Kaberle.

Personally, I think maybe they need to think about maybe not moving him. However after all this and making the guy feel as unwanted as he must how could you even keep him on the team? I feel bad for Tomas because I grew up watching him and I think he deserves better then this. -ch-

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